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Carving Collections

These galleries consist of photos and brief descriptions of all of the carvings that I have completed since I began carving in 2010.  When first began carving, I started with the most traditional 'Old Men' style, but one can only do the same thing so many times.  So, for the sake of my own sanity, and trying to maintain my interest, I began working on new styles; pushing the limits of what I was capable.  Thus, my carving styles began to expand into the categories listed below.

For ease of navigation each gallery is categorized by style.  Some of pieces do bridge the gap between two or more styles, but I've done my best to place them in the appropriate gallery.  The galleries are laid out so that available carvings are first, followed by older pieces that are no longer available.  Measurements are included in the descriptions for the most recent carvings.  Feel free to use the 'Contact Us' button with any inquires about my artwork.  Thank you for having a look, and enjoy!


Gnomes / Mushrooms / Nature Spirit Carvings


Totem / Tiki Carvings


Monster Carvings


Crass Carving Minis / Crass Critters

Old Men Carvings


Bird / Owl Carvings


Skull Carvings


Pop Culture / Misc.

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