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Monster Carvings

Rise of Gillman (Available)

This fellow marks my fifth attempt at the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and it really does seem that every time he gets a little more accurate and realistic looking. I'm just so happy with all of the fine details this piece has, and how to wood grain accentuates the folds in his skin and the texture of his gills just enough. He measures about 9" x 3".

Son of Dracula (Available)

This gentleman marks my fourth attempt at Dracula. I really like the flow of his cloak collar and how it envelops the lower portion of his face. He measures about 10" x 3.5".

Frankie Comes Alive  (Available)

This fellow marks my ninth version of Frankenstein's monster. I felt the need to get a little creative with his name this time, so I decided to name him along the lines of a certain album that I told that everybody had. "If you lived in the suburbs you were issued it. It came in the mail with samples of Tide." He measures about 7.5" x 3".

Scorch  (Available)

This severely burned individual was created from a piece of bark that was too narrow to accommodate his entire face.  The 'burned' portion of this piece is actually the natural outer skin of the cottonwood bark, and it takes on a charred color after it's sealed.  I find it very fun when a face seems to carve itself based on the shape of the original piece of bark.  I am especially proud of the way the mouth and the blown out portion of his cheek turned out.  This is my macabre sense of art at its best.  He measures about 10" x 2".

Nuggs  (Available)

This goofy little guy was originally meant to be something completely different, and when I started to design him I got inspired to do something a little sillier by the potato scrubber sitting by our kitchen sink. Well, this 'nugget' of a guy showed up; which is where he gets his name. He measures about 6.5" x 4".

Brontes  (Available)

This monstrous fellow came from a drawing that one of my daughters did on one of my carving blanks a few months ago. In the original drawing she gave him a top hat and lots of needle-sharp teeth, but the finished product called for a few changes. His name comes from a cyclops in Greek mythology whose name means "thunder". He measures about 11" x 2.5".

Older Designs / Sold Pieces

Frankenstein's Monster  (Sold)

This somber fellow was a commission piece that I recently finished. I have been saving this particular piece of bark for a Frankenstein carving for several years simply because of its unusually large size. However, as you can see in the final photo, this bark blank actually split in half while I was prepping it, so I was a little apprehensive about the integrity of the wood. It seems that my worries were unwarranted, because he turned out pretty great. Due to his massive crack, I also opted for the knothole straight through the middle of his forehead as opposed to the traditional gash in his right temple. By my count, this gentleman marks my sixth version of Frankenstein's Monster. He is one of my largest pieces measuring 9" x 4.5".

The Wolfman  (Sold)

This furry gentleman marks my fourth attempt at Lon Chaney Jr.'s Wolfman, and I'm very happy with the accuracy of the final product. My favorite part about this piece is the flowing texture of the hair on his forehead into the top of his head. He measures about 7" x 3".

Frankenstein  (Sold)

This sallow fellow marks my eighth version of Frankenstein's monster. This time around I decided to opt out of including the scalp staples, while focusing on the texture of his skeletal eye sockets and sunken cheeks. I'm always impressed with the happy accident of patterns in the wood grain that appear as bruises after the sealing step. He measures about 7.5" x 3.5".

Frankie (Sold)

"It's alive... IT'S ALIVE!!!" yet again... By my count, this gentleman marks my seventh version of Frankenstein's monster. With this fellow I tried to accentuate his sunken cheeks to give him more of a zombie-esk feel. I also like the sporadic bruising that appeared after sealing; it really gives this piece more distinct character. He measures about 8" x 3".

Bride of Frankenstein  (Sold)

This traumatized lady was a commission piece that was created as a companion to 'Frankenstein's Monster". By my count, this marks my fifth version of the Bride, and I very happy with the small details that I have been able to incorporate over the years (the hair highlights, the stitching on her neck, and her eyebrows). She measures about 9.5" x 3".

Dracula (Sold)

"I never drink... wine." This gentleman marks my third attempt at carving Dracula, and I am very pleased with the detail in his face and the transfixing nature of his eyes. He began as a straight Bella Lugosi design, but the open mouthed / fang expression made this piece evolve into a composite of Lugosi and Christopher Lee's Dracula from the Hammer films. Regardless, he turned out pretty cool. He measures about 11" x 2.5".

The Creature (Sold)

"Creature from a million years ago... every man his mortal enemy... and a woman's beauty his prey!" This piece is my fourth attempt at the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I am very happy with the detail of this piece, and I'm especially happy with the way his chin folds and eyes came out. He is, by far, my most realistic looking Creature and I just can't get over his haunting, fishy gaze. He measures about 10" x 2.5".

Half-N-Stein (Sold)

This little guy came about because as I was searching through my store of bark for interesting pieces I found this jagged, little half piece. I thought it would be perfect for a half of a grumpy face, but as the face took shape the prominent forehead and squared of head made him have a striking resemblance to Boris Karloff; hence the goofy name. He measures in at about 6.5" x 3"

Karloff  (Sold)

This gentleman marks my fifth attempt at carving Frankenstein's Monster and he was also, by far, the most difficult to work with. For those of you who may have come to see my booth at the Latino Art Fair in Oct. of 2016, he was along and I was working on him even then. Fast forward a year and, after numerous setbacks and frustrations, he finally pulled through and let me finish him.

Lastly, at quote that I thought fitting: "The brain you stole, Fritz. Think of it. The brain of a dead man waiting to live again in a body I made with my own hands! With my own hands." He measures about 8" x 3".

Gillman Reborn (Sold)

This is my third attempt at the Creature From The Black Lagoon, and it is, by far, my most detailed. While talking with a customer during a pre-pandemic craft fair, he pointed out that I had every Universal Monster represented in my booth expect for the creature. Well, I took that as no subtle hint and gave him his proper place back in the Monster Squad. His name comes from his character name in the script for the original movie: Gill Man. He measures about 9.5" x 3.5"

Maurice (Sold)

This little fellow came about from an interesting piece of bark with a swirly knot that turned into his eye. I decided to burn his scales and eyeball in order to make them stand out a little more and to keep his colors uniform. I felt his name was more than appropriate because he is, after all, a little monster. He measures about 7" x 2"

The Count (Sold)

Those of you who have followed my artwork for a while now will know very well that 'monsters' are some of my favorite subjects to carve.  With that said, they can also be some of the most challenging, as well; this gentleman was no exception.  He spent about two years hanging out on my desk because the fine detail in the features just wasn't working.  So, he sat and sat waiting for me to find the right inspiration.  I am very glad that I waited with this piece because the mouth and teeth turned out better than I could've hoped.  He measures about 12" x 3".

Zed  (Sold)

This is my first attempt at a full-out zombie, and I think he turned out rather well; I am especially fond of the finished detail in the teeth. As for the name... "Zed's dead, babe. Zed's dead..."  He measures about 8" x 3".

Khufu  (Sold)

He was the Pharaoh that made the Great Pyramid of Giza, and now he's back from the tomb! This is my second incarnation of the mummy and, in my opinion, one of my best monsters yet! I even surprised myself with the texture and detail of all of the bandages on this fellow.  He measures about 11.5" x 3.5".

Mr. Talbot  (Sold)

This fine gentleman is my third incarnation of the wolfman, and he also marks the first carving completed in my new home / workshop. I did my best to preserve the knot from the original piece of bark in his beard, and I think it turned out pretty cool. In my opinion, my best looking werewolf to date.  He measures about 10" x 3.5".

Theodora  (Sold)

"I'll get you my pretty..."  She measures about 15.5" x 3.5".

Pyro  (Sold)

The inspiration for this little flamer came from the unique shape of the piece of bark I started out with. The contours on his forehead and chin are meant to reflect undulation of fire. He is a mischievous little fire sprite. He measures about 8.5" x 2".

Polyphemus  (Sold)

This cyclops was loosely modeled after the Claymation monster featured in the 1981 version Clash of the Titans. His name comes from the Cyclops mentioned in Homer's "The Odyssey". I especially like the way his horn turned out; appearing to actually protrude from his skin, directly from his skull.

Tom  (Sold)

This Monster (and the accompanying Bride) were created as a wedding gift for a very special couple, and were, of course, named after them as well. What better gift for a wedding than the eternal bride and groom of the monster world. These are my fourth version of both the creature and the bride, and I have to say, they turned out pretty awesome. Congratulations again, Tom and Wendy!!!

Wendy  (Sold)

This Bride (and the accompanying Monster) were created as a wedding gift for a very special couple, and were, of course, named after them as well. What better gift for a wedding than the eternal bride and groom of the monster world. These are my fourth version of both the creature and the bride, and I have to say, they turned out pretty awesome. Congratulations again, Tom and Wendy!!!

Scarecrow  (Sold)

This guy's name comes from his slight resemblance to the infamous Batman villain. This piece is one that I had been working on for more than a year. Due to the crack in the forehead, and the dryness of the wood, this guy presented some unique challenges.

K. Kong  (Sold)

This king of the jungle was commission piece and was loosely modeled after the Kong in the 2005 movie remake. He didn't quite turn out as fierce as I hoped, but I really like the texture of the hair all over the piece and the way his nose turned out.

Gillman  (Sold)

This piece is my second incarnation of the creature from the black lagoon. His gills turned out great, but I think the forehead ridges really make this piece.

Frank Reborn  (Sold)

This is my third incarnation of Frankenstein's monster... "It's Alive!"

The Bride Reborn  (Sold)

This lady is my second incarnation of The Bride, and is meant to be a possible companion piece to Frank Reborn... If she'll have him.

Mr. Stein  (Sold)

This reboot of my Frankenstein design is ALIVE, once again!!!

Mrs. Stein  (Sold)

This piece marks my very first completion of a commissioned carving. This third incarnation of The Bride was commissioned to be the companion piece to Mr. Stein.

Larry  (Sold)

This is my second incarnation of the wolfman... Aaaaawwwooooo!!!

Kong  (Sold)

"He was a king and a god in the world he knew, but now he comes to civilization merely a captive - a show to gratify your curiosity."

The Bride  (Sold)

"She breathes, sees, hears, walks -- but can she love?" and "Warning! The Monster demands a Mate!"

Imotep  (Sold)

"It comes to life!"

Vlad  (Sold)

"Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make."

Frank  (Sold)

"It's alive... IT'S ALIVE!!!"

Lawrence  (Sold)

"Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright."

Gill  (Sold)

"From the Amazon's forbidden depths came..."

Jack  (Sold)

I named this one Jack because the texture of his skin turned out like the withered skin of a rotting Jack-o-lantern.

Cyrus  (Sold)

I was reading a book about greek mythology at the time of this carving and got the urge to make a cyclops.

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