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Nature Spirit / Gnome /
Mushroom Carvings

Frostcap (Available)

This gentleman marks my first completed carving of 2024. He is a basic gnome carving that I started during the 2023 Crafty Fair. His name came about from billowy-brimmed winter cap. He measures about 10" x 2".

Oberon (Availablle)

This gentleman started out as a portion of a larger piece of bark that proved too challenging to carve into one design; so, I broke it apart and created several pieces from that one blank. With the natural wood texture that I left on the outer portion of this piece I fully intended for him to be akin to a 'Greenman' design where his face would seem to be peering out from the tree bark. Thus, Oberon seemed a fitting name for a Greenman, since he is, traditionally, King of the Fairies. He measures about 11" x 2.5". 

Woman of the Wood (Available)

This somber woman was modeled after a dryad spirit peering out through the tangled roots of a tree. She is featured with the Celtic triple spiral, or Triskele, on her cheek as a symbol of the life-death-rebirth cycle of nature. She measures about 8" x 2".

Gaia (Available)

This piece began as something slightly different, but I always intended for the finished product to be a woman with the division of light vs. dark visible on her face. All of the facial tattoos and her flowing dreadlocks are burned. Her name just felt fitting, as a woman who embodies all things of the earth, both light and dark. She measures about 16.5" x 3.5"

Eye of the Beholder (Available)

This piece came about from a scrap piece of bark that I trimmed off a of a piece that I was using for a separate commission piece. The positive feedback previous from my previous eye carving lead me to want to try another. I feel like this one seems to have more of a benevolent gaze about it. He measures about 4" x 3".

Lion's Mane (Available)

This gentleman is yet another of my mushroom / gnome men. His name is a reference to both a variety of mushroom as well as a name for his stylized beard (sans mustache). He measures about 11" x 2.5".

Thorntooth (Available)

This whimsical Ent was created by carving out the natural furrows of the bark. His name came about from the jagged protrusion by the side of his mouth. He measures about 12.5" x 3".

Soursap (Available)

This grumpy, cycloptic Ent was created following the natural texture of this piece of cottonwood bark.  His name comes from his 'not too pleased' expression.  He measures about 14.5" x 2.5".

Skinnysticks (Available)

This Ent-ish gentleman marks my last completed carving of 2021. Akin to 'Guantwood', this fellow came about from a very narrow piece of bark, and his goofy expression mimics the natural furrows of the bark. He measures about 16" x 2"

Hyldemoer  (Available)

The concept for this carving began while I was sitting in my booth at the 2019 Crafty Fair. I spoke with a customer who said she'd like it if I could incorporate more 'feminine' carvings into my work. Right then and there I started sketching some into the blanks I was working on and Hyldemoer was the first to be completed.


Her name comes from Norse mythology, where "Hyldemoer" was the Elder Mother spirit, guardian of the Elder trees. If anyone were to take wood from the Elder Tree without asking her permission ill luck would befall them.


I chose to add some Nordic Runes (Elder Futhark) to my interpretation to reaffirm her Nordic roots. From the top left over: the bent looking 'C' is the Rune for the Elder Tree and Feminine Energy; the triangular 'P' is the Rune for Pleasure and Harmony; and the pointed "N" is the Rune for Destruction, Loss and Change. I feel the combination of these Runes really illustrates the duality of the spirit this piece embodies; she is a guardian spirit that can either be benevolent or destructive depending upon how she is treated.


Finally, this piece was one of the first cottonwood carvings that I chose to incorporate wood burning in order to highlight some of her features. Each of the Runes, as well as her irises, are lightly burned. I didn't originally intend to burn her lips as well, but I was having issues with finishing the piece and my eldest daughter flat out told me the problem was her lips needed to be burned, too; problem solved! She measures about 5.5" x 3.75"

Older Designs / Sold Pieces

Sleeping Lady (Sold)

This beauty was inspired by a piece of bark that had a deep fissure which quite resembled a flowing hairline to me. Her hair was intended to resemble tree roots and she is the spirit sleeping within the tree. Her name is a refence to Mount Susitna, which is visible from my old neighborhood in Anchorage, AK. She measures about 10.5" x 4".

Riptide (Sold)

This was a commission piece that I was tasked with a while back. The only instructions I was given were: it should be a sea turtle on a log and it should be able to hang on a wall. Well, it took a little while for me to wrap my head around this piece, as it's the first 'mounted' piece that I've ever attempted. The turtle is carved out of a piece of my usual cottonwood bark and it's mounted to a piece of driftwood with some very cool texture that I was fortunate enough to find at a local pet store. I also designed this piece to be both a 'wall hanger' and to be able to sit securely on a shelf. He measures about 9" x 8".

Piney  (Sold)

This goofy little guy originally started as me trying to carve a GOT dragon egg. Part way through carving, it became apparent that even with all the texture this piece was just going to turn out too boring. So, while sitting in my booth at the 2019 Maker's Market, I started doodling on this piece and out popped this goofy face. This piece was named by a little girl who repeatedly stopped by my booth that day, very interested to see if I finished the "little guy in the pinecone". He measures about 6.25" x 3.5"

Ifrit (Sold)

A powerful fire spirit or elemental, this guy is a little mischievous. He measures about 10.5" x 2".

Green Man's Gaze (Sold)

This piece came about from a scrape piece of bark that broke off of one of my previous carvings. It was such a thick chunk of bark that I couldn't just toss it, so I brainstormed a few designs that would fit in to the tight surface area. I thought a single eye would look pretty cool and creep at the same time. This 'spirit of nature' staring out from the tree bark is one of my smaller pieces, measuring in at about 5.5" x 3"

Aura (Sold)

This maiden was created because I really liked the hair texture of one of my recent Santa Claus variations and I wanted to incorporate it into a feminine carving. She is named after a Greek goddess of the breeze, and I thought that was appropriate given that her hair appears to be genteelly blowing in the wind. She measures about 9" x 4".

Hongo (Sold)

Continuing along with my natural bark-capped mushroom men, this fellow came from a piece of bark that seemed to be shaped perfectly for a gnome-like cap. Incidentally, his name is also a slang term for 'magic mushrooms'. He measures about 14.5" x 2.75"

Simple Simon (Sold)

This mushroom man was a piece that I began carving during my booth at Wisconsin Brewing Company this past June. His name is a clever nickname for 'magic' mushrooms, given its similar sound to 'Psilocybin'. He measures about 16" x 3".

Molly Moocher (Sold)

This gentleman marks the last of my morel inspired carvings. Even though each of the four morel fellows that are part of my collection are based off of the same design, it always amazes me the different personality each subtle facial structure brings to the individual pieces. This gentleman also gets his name from a regional term for a morel.

Penelope (Sold)

This ghostly woman was modeled after her namesake from Greek Mythology. Penelope was a Dryad, or a tree nymph, who was also the mother of the god Pan. I really like the way her hair frames her face and makes her look like she's encased within a tree. She measures about 12" x 2".

Mellowleaf (Sold)

This gentleman was created as another of my "Ent-ish" carvings. For this fellow I tried to use the natural texture and furrows in the bark to shape his mouth and eyes. His name came about from the very laid back expression on his face... I think he may have imbibed a little too much in the mellow leaf, if I do say so myself. He measures about 15" x 3".

Gauntwood (Sold)

This Ent-ish figure came about from a piece of bark that was a bit too narrow to do much anything else with. I'm really happy with the way the natural bark flows into the various aspects of his face. His name comes from his slim demeanor. He measures 16.5" x 2"

Mushie (Sold)

Carved alongside of my previous mushroom man (Hongo), this gentleman has a similar style and flare. I'm especially happy with the texture and shape of his mustache. And, continuing with my current theme, his name is also a slang term for 'magic mushrooms'. He measures about 14" x 2.75"

Frostfir  (Sold)

Another one of my Ent-ish creations. This particular piece of bark had a wonderfully deep furrow running right up the middle and it just felt appropriate working it into a long, bushy mustache. His name is a play on his massive amount of facial hair, and the fact that he's wearing a winter hat. He measures about 12" x 5"

Smirksap (Sold)

So named for his goofy little grin, this Ent-ish fellow marks my first completed carving of 2022. He measures about 10" x3"

Grumbleroot  (Sold)

This fellow came about from my desire to try to incorporate more of the natural outer layer of bark into some of my pieces. As result this grumpy gentleman was born. His name is came about as an homage to his Ent-ish appearance. He measures about 12" x 3"

Tweezes  (Sold)

This gentleman came about from a very asymmetric piece of bark, of which one half already resembled the final carving. His long and slender appearance came from evening up his proportions. With his natural bark mushroom cap, and stem-like face, it's no wonder his name comes from a slang term for 'magic mushrooms'. He measures about 16.75" x 3.5"

Hickory Chicken  (Sold)

This gentleman was created as another morel-capped mushroom piece. I am very happy with the sprawl and flowing texture of his mustache. Much like his predecessors, Muggins and Merkel, this fellow also gets his name from a regional term for a morel.

Muggins  (Sold)

As I was searching through some of my carving blanks I found this piece which had a great 'mushroom-like' shape to the top. I decided to leave this fellow's hat as the natural outer layer of the cottonwood bark. And, once sealed, the top took on the look of a morel. Thus, this little old man was named after a regional term for a morel.

Merkel  (Sold)

This gentleman was created along with another 'mushroom' piece, Muggins, as a 'loose' companion piece. I discovered Muggins and Merkel at the same time when searching through my carving blanks and both had perfect mushroom contours. Even though they were created at the same time they each have their own distinct personalities. I'm very fond of Merkel's strong jawline and the awesome natural furrows in his cap. Much like his predecessor, Muggins, Merkel also gets his name from a regional term for a morel.

Death Cap  (Sold)

As I was researching fitting names for my previous 'mushroom' carving, I stumbled upon the name of a very fatal mushroom and the idea for this carving was born. This is one of the seldom times when an intriguing name helps to form a finished piece. I especially like the natural outer skin that I left on either side of this gentleman's hat.

Shaggy Ink Cap  (Sold)

This fellow is named after the mushroom that he resembles. I think it also helps that his mustache reinforces the 'shaggy' part of the name.

Crimino  (Sold)

This fellow is a slightly different design from my original gnomes. I had some smaller pieces of bark and not enough room in the design for the full face. So, I decided to extend the hats over the eyes and the result happened to be gnomes that look like they're crossed with mushrooms; hence the name.  This piece measure about 1/2 the size of my normal pieces

Porcino  (Sold)

This fellow is a slightly different design from my original gnomes. I had some smaller pieces of bark and not enough room in the design for the full face. So, I decided to extend the hats over the eyes and the result happened to be gnomes that look like they're crossed with mushrooms; hence the name.  This piece measure about 1/2 the size of my normal pieces

Gneil the Gnome  (Sold)

This fellow marks the first in secondary wave of gnome cousins to Gned and Nicholas (second cousins, I believe). I really like the way the bottom of Gneil's beard and mustache turned out with the layers of the natural bark exposed. This gives him some great character with a nice tie to his natural wood heritage.

Nelson  (Sold)

This fine gentleman marks the final gnome cousin that I created following a show I had in Anchorage, AK.  The unique angle of the bottom of his jaw mirrors the natural angle of the bark. I like this guy because he is the most 'stout' gnome of the gnome cousin group.

Norbert  (Sold)

Another member of the gnomes cousins. With his downturned mustache Norbert resembles Gned most of all, and may be more of a brother than a cousin.

Gnoel the Gnome  (Sold)

Yet another cousin to both Gned and Nicholas. Gnoel is a bit smaller than Gnorm, but is a little more jovial with his fuller, upturned mustache.

Gnoah the Gnome  (Sold)

Yet another gnome cousin. Gnoah is smaller than most of the other cousins that I've created, but that doesn't lessen his character. I really like the deep furrows between his mustache and beard, and the uneven way his hat hangs away from the wall.

Gnorm the Gnome  (Sold)

This is one of the larger gnome carvings that I have created. Gnorm is a close cousin to both Gned and Nicholas.

Nemo  (Sold)

This gentleman is the first of seven commission requests for gnomes (I ended up calling this group 'gnome cousins') following a show I had in Anchorage, AK.  Even though he was originally meant to be more of a gnome design his high cheekbones and hanging mustache kind of make him look a little more like a wizard.

Nicholas  (Sold)

This fellow was my first attempt at an upturned mustache.  His slight resemblance to the jolly old elf that delivers presents led to his name.

Gned the Gnome  (Sold)

This fellow was the first of my Gnome with 'Gnome' actually in his name.  The  popularity of my gnome-styled carvings dictated that several 'cousins' appeared shortly after his creation.  Cause I'm a little goofy the "G" is not silent.

Mr. Van Winkle  (Sold)

He's, by far, the longest piece I have carved, measuring in at just shy of two feet. His nightcap makes this piece.

Walter  (Sold)

This gentleman was my very first carving in the gnome style. His dangling mustache proved to be rather fragile and tricky to carve.

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