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Old Men Carvings

Dapper Dan (Available)

"I don't want FOP goddamnit, I'm a Dapper Dan man!"

This slick gentleman measures about 15" x 3".

Quixote (Available)

This gentleman, with his oddly asymmetrical haircut, reminded me so much of the crazy and triumphant spirit of Don Quixote that I couldn't help but name him accordingly. He measures about 7" x 2.5". 

Pike (Available)

This fellow proved to be a very interesting, and yet frustrating, case of try and try again. He went through about four different design stages, each of which just didn't seem to work with the piece, before I arrived on this grumpy looking gentleman. His name came about because I think he looks like a grizzled old dock worker. He measures about 8" x 2".

Whitman (Available)

This wisened fellow reminds me a great deal of the poet from whom he gets his name. He measures about 14" x 2".

Half Pint (Available)

This small gentleman started out as a portion of a larger piece of bark that proved too challenging to carve into one design; so, I broke it apart and created several pieces from that one blank. Because of this, I chose to leave him with the natural texture on the left side of his face, which was part of a furrow in the larger piece of bark, and I think it adds a bit of burnt / deteriorating character. His name comes from the combination of him having only part of a face, and that fact that he is a bit smaller than most of my other pieces. He measures about 5" x 2".

Kristopher (Available)

This little guy was created from a remnant piece of bark that came off the bottom of separate carving. He's designed to be reminiscent of an old world Santa Claus, hence the unique spelling of his name. He measures about 5.5" x 3"

Cotton (Available)

This little gentleman was a piece I started at the 2022 Crafty Fair. I especially like his distinctively flowing mustache, and his name, simply enough, comes from the fact he's cottonwood bark (I'm kinda surprised I hadn't used that one yet.) He measures about 6" x 2".

Iron Jake (Available)

This serious looking gentleman has seen some hard times, but come out better for it. His flowing mustache 'covers' the not so subtle scar of his checkered past. His name reflects his hardships, but also his steadfastness. He measures about 11" x 2.5".

Skinny Pete (Available)

The inspiration for this gentleman came from a narrow piece of bark that had an unusual horizontal crack near the middle of it. The shape of the crack became his mouth and led to his grumpy expression. He measures about 10.5" x 2.5".

Remington (Available)

I started carving this mustachioed gentleman while manning my booth at the 2021 Crafty Fair. His name came about because I was looking for something that would fit his 'rough and tumble' cowboy type of look. I think it suits him nicely. He measures about 7.5" x 3".

Older Designs / Sold Pieces

 Elminster (Sold)

This wizened, old gentleman was a commissioned piece that I have been working on for a bit too long. His name comes from a reoccurring wizard in D&D, and I have to give a big 'thank you' to Nik Hawkins for suggesting it (along with many others). I am especially fond of the natural crack that stood out from his mustache following the sealing process; those are the details that always give these pieces the most unique character. He measures about 15" x 3.5".

Gandalf the Grey (Sold)

Complete with his crooked wizard's hat and his long flowing beard, it's just like this gentleman stepped right out of the pages of Lord of the Rings. He is one of my larger pieces, measuring in at about 18.5" x 3".

Zeke (Sold)

This fellow came from an unusually shaped piece of bark. I decided to try something a little different here with the flow of his mustache and beard, while trying to avoid an over-pronounced bottom lip. The result gives this fellow's facial hair a rather interesting texture. He measures about 11" x 3". 

Dead Eye Dan (Sold)

This gentleman appears to be an old timey gunslinger that may have suffered a little damage to the right side of his face. The gnarly bark pattern and the knot just below the surface made for a pretty cool looking eye wound. He measures about 12" x 2.5".

Jenkins  (Sold)

This large-nosed gentleman likes to frown.  I had originally intended for him to resemble more of a 'butler'-looking gentleman, hence the name; but the wood kind of does what it wants to sometimes.  He measures about 13.5" x 2".

Buckshot  (Sold)

This grizzled fellow came about from a peculiar piece of bark with a distinct crack across its center. I incorporated that crack into his sideways lip, and the rest of the piece formed around his expression. His name came about because he looks like the type of guy who 'doesn't want you on his property'. He measures about 8.5" x 2.5".

Grey Beard (Sold)

This tiny gentleman was created as a quick 'old man' carving while I was manning my art market booths earlier this summer. This was another piece made from a smaller scrap piece of bark. I wanted to see if I could fit his flowing beard and stylish parted hair onto this smaller piece; mission accomplished. He measures about 9" x 1.5".

Father Christmas (Sold)

This fellow is the final variation of an "Old World" type Santa Claus design that I created for a commission. In my opinion, this gentleman turned out like the most traditional Santa, with the flopped over stocking cap and the flowing beard. His name pretty much speaks for itself. He measures about 13.5" x 3".

Kris Kringle (Sold)

This gentleman was another variation of an "Old World" type Santa Claus design that I created for a commission. With this fellow I decided to go with a flowing, dreadlock-type beard, and a plain winter hat with a very textured hat brim. His name comes from a German variation of Santa Claus. He measures about 11" x 2.5".

Nikolaus (Sold)

This gentleman was another variation of an "Old World" type Santa Claus design that I created for a commission. With this fellow I decided to go with a traditional, full textured beard and mustache, along with a hat designed to be more of a pointed hood. His name was derived from St. Nikolaus. He measures 9.5" x 3".

Papa Noel (Sold)

Recently, I was tasked with creating several variations of 'Old World' type Santa Claus carvings for a customer and this gentleman was the first of those designs. I tried something a little different with his flowing hair and puffy beard; and even though it took a little extra effort to get it to work I really like the result. I feel he embodies more of the 'jolly old elf' version of St. Nick, and his name comes from the French and Spanish iterations of Santa. He measures about 8.5" x 3".

Charming (Sold)

Have you been waiting for the man of your dreams to come along and sweep you off your feet? Look no further! Your chisel-chinned prince has arrived. He measures about 7.5" x 3".

Beckett  (Sold)

This elderly, hipster gentleman was someone that I began work on last spring while sitting at my booth at Octopi Brewing's makers market. I really like the texture of all of his hair, and the weariness brought out by his wrinkled forehead. He measures about 9" x 2.5".

Bongo  (Sold)

This follically enhanced gentleman originated as a very odd shaped piece of bark with a large furrow in the bottom middle of this piece. Well, after much deliberation, the furrow began to look like the inside edge of a mustache and the rest of the piece fell into place. I struggled for a while with this fellow's name because at first glance he reminded me A LOT of a hippie band member from a Hanna Barbera cartoon, but after several days worth of research I wasn't able to find the specific reference anywhere. So, with the hippie refence in mind, his name came from the type of drums I imagine he enjoys playing during jam sessions. He measures about 11" x 3.5".

Earl  (Sold)

This mustachioed gentleman was my first completed carving of 2019. I'm very happy withe texture of his hanging mustache and the natural edge I was able to keep along the top of his hair. He measures about 10.5" x 2.5".

Greenseer (Sold)

This ancient looking man was an attempt at a type of "Green Man" carving that utilizes the natural texture of the outer bark for most of the detail of the piece. I originally wanted to name him for an obscure Ent from Tolkien lore; however, when his features were complete he looked much more human than Ent-ish. So, after much debate with a couple of friends, I landed on "Greenseer". This name is a reference to the Game Of Thrones series, and the group of men associated with the Children of the Forest. It was said they had the ability to see through the faces of the weirwoods and could also look into both the past and future. He is one of my larger pieces, measuring about 18" x 3"

Old Man Soul  (Sold)

This fellow was created from a uniquely shaped piece of bark that allowed for the distinct part in his hair. His hanging mustache also gives him a bit of individual flare. Incidentally, this gentleman was named by one of my daughters, and I thought the name fit rather well.  He measures about 10.5" x 3".

Elwood  (Sold)

This gentleman is one of the larger carvings I have completed, measuring about 18" from hair to chin. I am a big fan of the way the shape of the original blank allowed for his unusal, sideways mouth. A giant 'thank you' to everyone who gave me name suggestions for this piece; there were many great suggestions and they provide good inspiration for future carvings.  He measures about 18" x 3.5".

Nicklaus  (Sold)

This gentleman had been sitting on my desk, half finished, for more than six months as I tried to find the inspiration to texture his flowing hair and beard just right. Well, inspiration struck just before he needed to be complete for aBlack Friday art sale, and I'm happy I waited it out. I'm very pleased with the variations in shade of the grain in his beard and hair; those are the types of things that are always a pleasant surprise when the sealant dries. He measures about 13.5" x 3.5" .

Mímir  (Sold)

In Norse Mythology, the severed head of Mímir (The Wise One) was carried on the belt of the Allfather, Odin. Odin used the disembodied head to get counsel and secret knowledge. I originally intended for this piece to have some type of Nordic influence, but the specific story and name came about after some mutual research with a friend and, of course, he is just a head after all. He measures about 13" x 3".

Gawain  (Sold)

For those of you who have kept up with your Brit. Lit. over the years, you may recognize this fellow as the famous member of the round table who fought the Green Knight.  He measures about 12" x 2.5".

Duke  (Sold)

This gruff gentleman is ex-military, and he will not hesitate to put you in your place and tell it like it is. Don't mess with Duke! He measures about 9.5" x 2.5".

Brokkr  (Sold)

(pronounced 'brew-ker') This gentleman marks my first attempt at carving an old man with a braided beard. I'm especially happy with the grain texture, which gives the appearance of individual strands of hair in each turn of the braid. For those of you who are up on your obscure Norse mythology, his name comes from one of the two dwarves who forged Thor's hammer, Mjölnir. He measures about 11" x 2.5".

Eitri  (Sold)

The brother to one of my previous pieces (Brokkr), this bearded gentleman depicts one of the two dwarves who forged Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, in Norse mythology. I'm very pleased with the flow of the grain in his beard and mustache, and the look of the natural bark on his bottom edge. He measures about 10" x 2.5".

Hector  (Sold)

To cap off my collection of Arthur's knights, this gentleman participated in the grail quest and was Arthur's adoptive father.  He measures about 12" x 3".

Balthazar  (Sold)

This gentleman took shape over the course of a few months, while I got a little bit of work done on other projects. With his rectangular shape and flowing mustache, his name just seemed to fit perfect. He measures about 14" x 2".

Moshe  (Sold)

I made a trip to Anchorage, AK in the Fall of 2016 to surprise my nephew for his Bar Mitzvah. This piece was created as a gift for that occasion. My nephew's Torah passage centered around Moses and the deliverance of the Jewish people into the promise land. This 'Old Man' Moses was designed as a composite of several paintings of the biblical figure and is directing his gaze upward as if he's conversing with God (as he is doing in said Torah passage). His name is, of course, Moses in Hebrew. Congratulations Michael!!

Hank  (Sold)

I'm very happy with the overall shape of this fellow, from the natural edge of the top of his hair to the slight dimple of a lower lip that leaves him with a very subtle expression. Why the name??? Well, simply put, he just looks like a 'Hank'.

Vladimir  (Sold)

This scarred gentleman was inspired from a particularly shaped piece of bark that already had the appearance of a mustached old man even before I started working with it.  After I began carving him, much like a few of my other pieces, decided to take on a life of his own... The mustache separated and the natural crack in the bark feel perfectly in the middle of his brow. His name was inspired by his militant expression.

Albus  (Sold)

This gentleman was created from a unique piece of bark in which, as soon as I picked it up, I saw the perfect shape for a wizard's hat and flowing mustache. As for the name, I believe it speaks for itself.

Pierre  (Sold)

The 'old man with facial hair' is one of the standard designs for most cottonwood bark art, but I'm always looking for ways to make the traditional a little more unique. Thus, we have this gentleman. I have been wanting to try something different from the long, flowing mustache for some time now and I think this curly-tipped 'stache turned out rather well. Not sure why, but his curvy mustache and slim beard made him look French to me, hence the name.

Slim  (Sold)

This asymmetrical gentleman was created from a unique piece of bark that had a great furrow which looked like the perfect separation of a mustache. I'm rather happy with the way the natural gap in his facial hair turned out and all of the great cracks that give this piece a wonderful depth of texture. The original piece of bark was a bit wider, and I really didn't intend for this fellow's face to turn out so narrow, but the bark has a weird way of doing what it wants to sometimes.

Merlin  (Sold)

The texture on this fellow's mustache and beard turned out much better than I planned. And, because of the wizard-like fluidity of his facial hair, I decided to make this piece as a possible companion piece to my King Arthur.

Abraham  (Sold)

This gentleman was created at the request of a friend who was looking for a unique Christmas present to give. They asked for one of my 'old man' style carvings with a long, flowing beard. Upon the request I set to work and, I am very happy to say, the final product was well received!

Arthur  (Sold)

This gentleman was modeled after King Arthur Pendragon. He began as an interesting piece of bark with an unusual fluted curve at the top and the natural shape was just too good to pass up. So I worked with the natural lines and shaped them into a crown for Arthur. I especially like the juxtaposition of texture between his hair and his flowing mustache and beard. He will be more than happy to accompany you on a quest for the Grail.

Grump  (Sold)

Here is a gentleman that, many may say, reflects my own baseline mood... The fun story behind this disgruntled fellow is that I had a piece of bark that I had no ideas for, so I gave it to my oldest daughter and asked her to sketch a face on it. Well, her depiction didn't quite resemble our friend here, but the circles and lines she drew gave me just enough inspiration.

Twain  (Sold)

This gentleman was created because of my curiosity of fusing my 'old man' designs with the hair style from my 'Frank' designs. The result is 'Twain', who got his name because, as a fan suggested, has a slight resemblance to Mark Twain. In addition, this piece was created for one of the GIVEAWAY drawings on held my Crass Carvings Facebook page.

Gusto  (NFS)

Shortly after I began carving, a close friend asked if I would ever consider creating a 'self-portrait'. Well, here it is... In the style of one of my 'old men' carvings.  Incidentally, this is my only carving that is 'Not For Sale', as I feel that since he stands as my lone self-portrait (Albeit from a time when I was a tad more husky), I feel like he should really just stay with me.

Rusty  (Sold)

This face was made for someone special on a special day... Happy Birthday, Dad!!!  (I fully realize that this piece is more in the style of my 'gnome' carvings, but I figure since he is modeled after my Old Man, he should reside in the 'Old Men' section).

Floyd  (Sold)

I decided to try a fur hat on this one. Fans of Johnny Carson might know where the name comes from.  He measures about 10.5" x 3".

Jacques  (Sold)

This slim gentleman is a French-Canadian Lumberjack.

Herman  (Sold)

This gentleman was my final carving of 2012!

Otto  (Sold)

He kinda looks like a hobo to me, with his shabby top hat.

Jesse  (Sold)

He's my first old man carving with both a full beard and hanging mustache.

Tiresias  (Sold)

He was a blind, greek prophet.

Ivan  (Sold)

This one is interesting because of the floating and disconnected eyebrows.

Boris  (Sold)

I like this one because of his distinctive protruding chin.

Albert  (Sold)

The hair of this one really reminded me of Einstein.

Gustav  (Sold)

A grumpy old dockworker.

Joseph  (Sold)

He looked a bit like Stalin to me, with the military haircut and the flowing mustache.

Merle  (Sold)

A big, natural crack was the inspiration for his mustache.

Vincent  (Sold)

Notice he only has one ear. A REALLY big ear, but only one.

Radagast  (Sold)

The wizard of the wilderness in LOTR.

Reginold Chesterfield III  (Sold)

I fully apologize for the lack of angle photos for this gentleman, but it was so early on in my carving career and he is so asymmetrical that I thought photos from the sides wouldn't even be worth it.  So, straight on, here is Reginold; turned up nose, top hat, and all.  The only thing he seems to be missing is a monacle

Don Q.  (Sold)

A bit abstract, I know, but he looks like Don Quioxte to me.

Bob  (Sold)

This gentleman was my very first attempt at carving.

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